I am a figurative artist, specializing in cast bronze sculpture.


I sculpt because I love it.  I love working with a tactile medium creating a three-dimensional, figurative sculpture that is converted into a bronze image.  The visual expression of movement and transformation has been a trademark of my artwork and is very much a part of the on-going creation of each piece.  I have worked themes of environmental stewardship, connections, circles of life, a caring for others, the nurturing of children and the coming together of community into my artwork.


My intention is to generate artwork that surprises, delights and continually opens up new insights and unexpected avenues of understanding.  Interaction with the work happens on a personal level.  I seek to inspire observers and to stimulate imaginative thought, smiles, conversation, as well as to affirm the human condition.


I believe that art can be a force for transforming society.  Art plays a key role in our future, drawing attention to the environment, to social justice, and to the love of life.  I would like people to think about the future of our world, our connection within, and our own ability to affect real positive change.