Louise McDowell is a figurative sculptor whose work explores the dynamism of human and animal forms.  Growing up in New York City, she was influenced by the cultural diversity of big city life.  Her sculptures portray how people react to a wide spectrum of realities, simple ordinary moments of pleasure and discovery, powerful socio-political events, and transcendent and triumphant experiences.


Early years in Coney Island provided another aspect of life: access to ocean, wildflowers and the hum of life within a meadow. Her love and affinity for the environment was awakened by her appreciation of the interrelationship of life and honed by a year in Kodiak, Alaska.  These influences are reflected in much of her work.


Louise has resided in Seattle for the last 50+ years and her ties to the environment have continued to grow.  This affinity is reflected in her sculptures.  With bronze as her medium, she has developed a large body of work.


“My work is constantly in transition, reflecting my life.  It is a never-ending quest.”